Before you Buy


Take an honest look at your budgeting options. Flooring prices are determined by several factors including supply and demand, the availability of a particular wood species, the costs involved in harvesting the lumber and transporting it. Because of this you’ll find that pricing on wood floors can vary amongst hardwood flooring retail stores and amongst selection and availability. Remember that if you are settled on type of species in one color, you might be able to find to similar product that will work just as well in another collection we stock that may be cheaper. Check with your authorized Stonewood Floors reseller for details.



Choose a color that will work with your décor or the overall look you’re striving for. Darker colors seem to provide a more “formal” look depending on the choices of furniture. Lighter colors seem to open a room up. Narrow planks tend to also avail more formal looks while wider planks tend to avail to a more country, rustic or open look. Grain patterns in the wood will either contrast or blend with the color tones of the product you choose and each of these things plays a factor in how your overall floor will look upon completion.


Room Use

Consider the use of each room you want to install hardwood floors into. Rooms that are below ground level are only suitable for floating or engineered hardwood flooring products due to the increased risk of moisture issues. This is the same for bathrooms and laundry rooms.



Stonewood Floors makes it a policy to use the National Wood Flooring Installation Guidelines as the standard in hardwood flooring installation and only recommends you use installers who adhere to these guidelines.