Chatsworth Plank

The Chatsworth Plank Birch features both handscraping & distressing which is then paired with an earth tone stain. The result is like a glimpse of the old world with wider planks and where the wood would have been hand crafted. The added textures (distressing and handscraping) help to hide the everyday wear and tear that you will inevitably find affecting your floor. The Chatsworth Plank collection combines versatility with affordability by using a 3/8" ply core. The ply core allows you to Nail, Glue, or Float the floor during installation. Additionally the thinner core helps to save on the overall material cost. So if you are looking for something with the very latest style elements (handscraping & distressing), affordability, the ability to choose how you want to do your installation this collection is the perfect fit for your project!

Chatsworth Plank Calhoun Engineered Hand Scraped 5"

Chatsworth Plank Dalton Engineered Hand Scraped 5"

Chatsworth Plank Rome Engineered Hand Scraped 5"